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Half Ironman / Ironman 70.3/ Middle distance

1900m swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

This distance of triathlon was born in the UK. Over the last 6 years the Ironman UK 70.3 has been held at Wimbleball lake in Exmoor. Being exactly half of the full ironman distance this race is a great stepping stone for athletes with future ambitions of racing in an iron distance event.

70.3 starts with a 1900 metre swim in open water. It is followed by a 56 mile bike and a half marathon run (13.1 miles) to finish.

The 70.3 race distance is usually completed in under 4 hours by the elites and in up to 8 hours 30mins by novice athletes. Because of the distance and time taken to complete the race an athlete must be ready for the extra demands placed on them physically and mentally. Athletes need to have a strategy for pacing, maintaining hydration and replenishing carbohydrate stores in order to complete the distance.

If your 'A' race is more than 20 weeks away then your programme will start in the 'Base phase'. This phase of training is where you adapt to the training volume and build and maintain a good level of aerobic fitness. This helps lay the strong foundations from which the speed work will be built upon. Base training also helps an athlete to reduce the chance of injury when moving into the 'Race Phase'.

If your race is within 20 weeks from enrolment you are ready to go into the 'Race phase' of training. In this phase we look to further develop your aerobic system but also add speed and strength work into your training to enable you to reach peak fitness in your 'A' race.

We have 3 Ironman 70.3 distance coaching packages, 'Programme Only' 'Standard Package' and 'Premium Package'. Simply decide on what level of support you need:

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Coaching Package Summary


Programme Only

Standard Package

Premium Package

Access to programme 24/7

Bespoke periodised training programme

Access to charts to allow easy tracking of your progress

Progress review and feedback from coach every week


Unlimited support from coach via on site messaging system


Strength and conditioning programme

Specific strength and conditioning programme based upon biomechanical analysis



Recommended heart rate training zones



Specific heart rate/ power training zones derived from fitness testing


Watt bike power test and pedal stroke analysis



Biomechanical screening



Body composition analysis



Telephone contact with coach

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