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After completing your registration your coach will begin work on developing your periodised training programme that will take you up to your priority race. Any additional races that you have entered will also be built into the programme. The programme set up fee is £75 and is a one off payment made at the time of registration.

At we have two specific programmes, 'Base' training programmes and 'Race' training programmes. Both programme types offer weekly plans and a daily breakdown of each workout to be completed. Each programme also asks you to submit a training report to your coach at the end of each week to ensure that your progress is monitored and your training plan amended when necessary.

The base programme is ideal for out of season training when you need to keep some focus and maintain good fitness levels without trying to achieve PB's. The Base programme focuses on key technique drills in each workout and the development of your aerobic fitness, keeping you in great shape and preparing you for the increases in training volume and intensity that follow in the 'Race' Training programme. The ‘Base' training programme provides athletes with two training sessions in each sport per week plus two strength and conditioning sessions.

We will provide you with a base training programme if your priority race is more than 20 weeks away. When your race is 20 weeks away, you will move into the 'Race' training phase. In this phase of training there is an increased emphasis on the development of speed and 'race pace', whilst still maintaining the aerobic endurance that you have developed through base training.

If your race is within 20 weeks from the date of enrolment then we will provide you with a 'Race' training programme from the start. The 'Race' training programme offers athletes the choice of two or three training sessions per week in each sport. The longer you train with the more benefit you will derive from our style of coaching.

Triathlon Coaching Packages

We have 3 levels of coaching packages which you can choose from: 'Programme Only' 'Standard' and 'Premium' packages. Simply decide on what level of support you need:

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Coaching Package Summary


Programme Only

Standard Package

Premium Package

Access to programme 24/7

Bespoke periodised training programme

Access to charts to allow easy tracking of your progress

Progress review and feedback from coach every week


Unlimited support from coach via on site messaging system


Strength and conditioning programme

Specific strength and conditioning programme based upon biomechanical analysis



Recommended heart rate training zones



Specific heart rate/ power training zones derived from fitness testing


Watt bike power test and pedal stroke analysis



Biomechanical screening



Body composition analysis



Telephone contact with coach




Credits are paid for after completing the registration by either clicking on ‘start now’ or by selecting the distance of the race that you would like to train for on the website homepage.

If you would like more information about the website or the style of our coaching please contact a coach by emailing

Thank you for your interest.

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